Coding resolutions

Resolutions in coding land. Also, fantasy pets.

• Peter Desmet

Image by Peter Desmet

It’s mid-January, but it’s never too late to make some resolutions to feel bad about not reaching at the end of the year. Mine are coding-related and hardly world-shattering, giving me a chance to actually reach them.


I’m enjoying the courses on Codecademy, but since I have a tendency to abandon them before I reach the end, here are my learning resolutions:

And as a bonus, try R on Code School.


Learning is fine, but doing is better:

  • Create a data repository on GitHub and release it to the public domain.
  • Create a one-page website visualizing data, using the CartoDB API.
  • Transfer my website from WordPress to GitHub, using Pelican.
  • Write at least 5 posts.

And as a bonus, create a theme for my website.


  • Contribute at least once a month to someone else’s repository or documentation. (Must. keep. contributions summary. active.)

And as a bonus, help an old lady cross the street and/or nurture a wounded fantasy animal into a powerful pet ally.