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I mostly write elsewhere, but here are my personal blog posts.

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Support GBIF in choosing CC0 + norms
May 05, 2014
Changes proposed by GBIF regarding data licensing are a tremendous step forward.
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Analyzing the licenses of all 11,000+ GBIF registered datasets
November 22, 2013
How much GBIF mediated data can be legally used easily? A collaborative analysis.
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Showing you this map of aggregated bullfrog occurrences would be illegal
October 17, 2013
Non-standard data licenses are a burden for users of aggregated GBIF data.
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What data license should GBIF use?
September 17, 2013
From free and open access to biodiversity data to open biodiversity data.
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Finding open access research articles
August 10, 2013
Not all search tools are equal. Also, the advantage of standard licenses.
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How open is my paper?
August 08, 2013
And how well is the journal communicating this?
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What is open access?
August 07, 2013
A short introduction to open access.
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Coding resolutions
January 17, 2013
Resolutions in coding land. Also, fantasy pets.